September 2020 Net Worth – $??,???

Well, here we are, our very first net worth update. Where to begin?

Probably with some numbers.


Our first – and biggest – asset is our apartment.


I know some people don’t consider property to be an asset, but if I’m going to count our mortgage as a liability (which I am), then I think it’s only fair to balance things out by counting the property’s value as an asset.

Apartment: $515,000


Well, I say superfunds plural, but most of the money isn’t in my superfund.

It’s in hers.

My super: $4,221

Her super: $26,842

The reason for the major difference? I took, literally, 8 years to finish university, and she’s been working full-time for a couple of years longer than I have.


This one may divide readers, but too bad.

I like risk. I like technology. I like gambling.

I like crypto.

I’ve slowly been accumulating for the last 3 and a bit years, and I’ve finally got what I consider to be a decent stack.

Crypto: $16,950


Last but not least is cash.

I’ve been wanting to start investing in ETFs for a while, but we had decided to keep all of our money in cash to prepare for the impending home loan.

Now that we have the mortgage, I’ll be looking to divert a significant portion of this cash into the stock market.

Cash: $35,666


The biggest liability we have is our mortgage.

And, since we literally just got it, it’s a nice round number!

Mortgage: $412,000

Student Loans (HECS-HELP)

I already mentioned that I was a full-time university student for nearly a third of my life, and that brought along a massive HECS-HELP debt.

My HECS: $74,106

Her HECS: $6,169

Her Parents

Her parents loaned us some money to get a deposit for our apartment.

They say that we don’t have to pay them back, but I disagree. We’ll pay them back in time.

That balance: $50,000

Putting it all together

Alright, time for the finale.

Let’s add it all up in a nice table and get to the juicy Net Worth number that you came here for.

Total Assets$598,679
Student Loans$80,275
Her Parents$50,000
Total Liabilities$542,275
Net Worth$56,404

Drumroll please…


Our net worth is 56,404!

Hey, not bad for our first month! Hopefully it only goes up from here.

See you in next month’s update.